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Private Tutored Wine Tasting

Exclusive Tutored Wine Tasting

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Widely renowned as one of the finest champagne vintages of recent years, 2002 stands up to other great vintages such as the 1996 & 1990. Praised by critics across the board, 2002 is a vintage for nearly every producer.

A consistently fine vintage across the board, the wines show a remarkable freshness and depth of flavour. At 16 years old, the wines are evolving very gently in bottle and approaching an almost ideal point for drinking, balancing youthful energy with a maturing complexity of flavours. This would be an ideal opportunity to visit and assess the quality of these wines and their potential for further ageing.

Taberna is pleased to present 8 Champagnes representing some of the best examples of the vintagespecially selected by Tan Ying Hsien MW

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