Singapore Wine Appreciation Group – FREE to join!

//Singapore Wine Appreciation Group – FREE to join!

Singapore Wine Appreciation Group – FREE to join!

Come Join our Singapore Wine Appreciation Group

See, smell and taste wine! In Singapore’s best wine appreciation session, learn to tell apart different types of wine and sample a range of wines! Whether you’re a dedicated wine connoisseur or just want to learn a bit more about wine, Wine Appreciation Singapore by Taberna Wine Academy offer a truly unique wine tasting experience.

Singapore Wine Appreciation Group - FREE to join!

Come Learn more about wines at Taberna Wine Academy

If you don’t know how to begin to either sniff the wine, swirl the glass, what angle should the glass be or whether to drink the wine slowly, leave the wine in the mouth to feel its flavour or just gulp down the wine or even if you want to know the difference between a Chianti and a Chardonnay, and perhaps expand your wine knowledge, sign up for our wine tasting classes by Taberna Wine Academy.

Here are some Wine Tasting Tips to get you started on How to Taste Wine

  • Look: Check out the color, opacity, and viscosity (wine legs). … what shade is it in?
  • Smell: When you first start smelling wine, think big to small. … what fruits do they remind you of? Is the smell sweet like flowers or strong flavourful smell?
  • Taste: Any lingering taste or does it taste smooth? At times, wine will be paired with food or cheese too! Taste is using our tongues to learn more about the wine. When you swallow the wine, the aromas may change because you’re receiving them retro-nasally. How is the whole taste experience like for you?
  • Think: What do you like or dislike about the taste or the whole experience?

Singapore Wine Appreciation Group – Make friends, drink and learn all about wines!

Welcome to Singapore Wine Appreciation Group formed by Taberna Wine Academy!

Are you looking for Wine Tasting groups in Singapore? Do you love the taste of a dark Pinot Noir or the dry flavor of a Riesling? If you like sipping wine to truly appreciate each note, come join Singapore Wine Appreciation Group by Taberna Wine Academy today!

Private Wine Appreciation Workshops are available too!

  • Discover everything about wine during a private wine tasting class: differences … In a private room, only for your group a dedicated session to discover everything about wines.

If you are a wine lover, come to our wine gathering or join our wine group today! Come to Taberna Wine Academy to experience and learn all about wines, whether it is for corporate wine event, wine tasting event, wine appreciation class or event wine lessons.

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