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Wine Appreciation Singapore: Customised Wine Tutored Tastings and Masterclasses

Wine Appreciation Singapore (Taberna Wine Academy) offers wine education through wine Tutorials and Masterclasses that we organise from time to time.

Do you like past tutored tastings and Masterclasses that we organised?

Would like to learn through a structured course, Taberna Wine Academy is happy to discuss and tailor a customised wine appreciation course that will suit your needs!

If you would like to discuss more details on your customised needs for a tailor-made wine course or would like us to especially construct a course for you, please write to info@taberna.sg or visit this Wine Appreciation Singapore website to find out more!

Wine Appreciation Singapore: Welcome to the World of Wine Learning at Taberna Wine Academy!

Welcome to Taberna Wine Academy! Wine Class | Wine Training | Fine Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a sensory experience as a person seeks to examine and evaluate a glass of wine that is being presented. Whether you’re a dedicated wine connoisseur or just want to learn a bit more about wine, or even if you don’t know the difference between a Chianti and a Chardonnay, but want to expand your horizons, do look out for our wine tasting classes at Taberna Wine Academy.

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Wine Appreciation Singapore: Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Levels 1, 2 and 3

Wine Appreciation Singapore is a new website that was created by Taberna Wine Academy aims to bring you on a adventure and journey of wine discovery! From the moment you enter Taberna Wine Academy, you will be enveloped by an atmosphere that exudes the joy of wine with a display of bottles of wine from past tastings.

Taberna Wine Academy is located in Singapore, where we are dedicated to Wine Appreciation Singapore; the enjoyment and appreciation of wine through the pursuit of tasting excellence.

Corporate Customised Wine Courses

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Taberna Wine Academy provides a comfortable environment for tasting, discussing and learning about wine. It is also where you can take advantage of Singapore’s most extensive wine reference library.

Our approach to wine education is not through formal, structured courses.

WSET Levels 1 to 3 Courses

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Taberna Wine Academy is pleased to announce that we are now a WSET Approved Program Provider offering WSET Levels 1 to 3.

For more information, please email jacq@wineraptor.com

Wine Course Singapore | Fine Wines Singapore

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Wine School, Wine Club & Wine Membership

Greetings all keen learners of wine and budding wine connoisseur and wine sommelier! Are you searching for a wine school in Singapore or even a wine club to join in Singapore or are you seeking some form of wine membership club?

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The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Education and Qualification Programme

Welcome Wine Connoisseur to Taberna Wine Academy!

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) provides best-in-class education and qualifications to inspire and empower the world’s wine and spirits connoisseur!

  • Wine Certification, Wine Course, WSET Courses
  • Wine Learning Course; Wine Tasting Course
  • Wine Tasting Lessons
  • WSET Level 1; WSET Level 2; WSET Level 3

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is a globally recognised education and qualification programme in wines, spirits and sake for both professionals and enthusiasts. With over 47 years of history, the programme has since gained traction internationally and is now the preferred accreditation in the F&B industry. For more information, please email wset@taberna.sg .