Basic Wine Education Singapore

Basic Wine Education Singapore

Where do we go for Basic Wine Education in Singapore?

Where do we go for basic wine education in Singapore? Do we want to learn from Singapore’s first Master of Wine Tan Yong Hsien? Wine Appreciation Singapore by Taberna Wine Academy is the place to be to learn everything wine in Singapore!

Most of the time, there are lots of basic “essentials” that executives have to refine to be able to function as an expert. A professional must learn how to dress formally (or at best appropriate to one’s profession), how you can shake hands properly, how you can dine with proper etiquette, and the way to interact comfortably in social context. These are the basic aspects of professional etiquette that the executive typically must master to be able to move ahead in the corporate life. This requirement for professional etiquette is especially acute for client-facing and sales functions, however it is fundamental to a multitude of professional roles. A specific degree of wine fluency is really a skill set that needs to be put into this listing of essentials as well. A fundamental knowledge of wine, constitutes a category that business (instead of culinary) school should teach too.

Lets face the facts, throughout your professional career, you are going to invariably enter into connection with wine. You are going to attend client dinners, corporate functions, cocktail parties, as well as other events where wine exists. Therefore, having a basic level of wine knowledge is a benefit because you will get chances to connect, build rapport and share common interests with the people you interact in the event setting.

Having prior basic wine education, you will be positive about ordering wine and pairing wine with food. Knowing the basic knowledge of wines, will also enable you to comfortably “join the conversation” about this subject.

Without basic wine knowledge, you might open yourself to etiquette mistakes and you may also lose that all important chance to connect with important people that you may need to meet. For many people (and countries) wine is intertwined with culture and understanding this connection can draw you immediately into deeper conversations too.

But where can we get Basic Wine Education in Singapore?

Basic Wine Education: Knowing and fully understanding the Essentials of Wine

Make Basic Wine Education a part of your life long learning and life!

Let us paint a scenario that could happen to you. An important client is coming to town tonight and you want to take him to dinner. You spent your day dealing with your preparations and you also invest a significant amount of time in making sure that the upcoming evening will be a success. Your suit is elegant, your footwear is shiny and sharp as well as your cufflinks are selected.

You seem to be dressed appropriately for this wonderful occasion. You might be waiting outside of the restaurant for your client to arrive. He walks towards you and greets you with a strong handshake and you immediately start to engage in small talk casually as you both head towards the restaurant.

You both take a seat and your client informs you that he is in the mood for Bordeaux. Have you any idea what this means? The waiter hands the wine list because you happen to be the host of the evening, however, you observe that they actually do not serve Bordeaux wines. Have you any idea how you can substitute? Your client then changes his mind and he says he wanted to order fish as his main course. Which wine is best paired with fish then?

If your client is from New Zealand, when you check out the wine list, are you currently knowledgeable about the iconic bottles of that region?

In cases like this an all natural reaction would be to simply indicate that you will be not familiar with wine and you might ask the server (or sommelier) to choose something suitable. But you might be able to show that you are in control of this evening if only you have some form of basic wine aducation.

Basic Wine Education Singapore: Do you know the wine essentials?

To have an executive, the “essentials” of wine entail an awareness of:

  • The grapes utilized in certain key wine regions
  • The aromas and flavors typical of those regions and grapes
  • A level of comfort in pairing wine with food
  • Recognition of certain iconic wines which a lot of your customers and colleagues will recognize

That’s it.

Looking for good wine training? Contact Wine Appreciation Singapore!

Understanding and having the ability to converse within this language will last well throughout your professional life. Don’t be intimidated, and don’t create the mistake of assuming this will not affect you. For the majority of professionals it is necessary. I could also guarantee you that gaining this fluency is enjoyable and rewarding as you go along! To learn these wine essentials, please contact Basic Wine Education Singapore today!