Wine Appreciation Courses in Singapore – Wine Training School (Academy)

//Wine Appreciation Courses in Singapore – Wine Training School (Academy)

Wine Appreciation Courses in Singapore – Wine Training School (Academy)

Wine Appreciation Singapore : Wine Appreciation Courses in Singapore

We organise Wine Appreciation Courses in Singapore

For the legions of us who are guilty of judging the wine by its bottle (don’t deny it, you know you’ve bought a bottle at least once simply because it looked fancier than it costs), the thought of attending wine appreciation courses may seem rather intimidating and pretentious.

Looking for a good wine training school?

However, if you ever wanted to know the difference between the $7 glass of red wine on the menu and its $25 counterpart, you may definitely want to consider signing up for one of these casual wine appreciation courses, tailored for every level of expertise in wine appreciation. Although we often relate wine tasting to luxury tours to France or Italy, it is in fact easier than you think to find a suitable course for you right here in Singapore, (even if your current level of wine-appreciation skills admittedly only extends to a “hmm… tastes like wine to me”).

Considerations for Wine Appreciation Courses in Singapore

“Why should I bother taking a wine appreciation course when everything is on the Internet for me to read?”
The first thing to know about appreciating wine is that it’s all about the experience the wine brings its drinker. As advanced as technology is in our current day, unfortunately the ability to transmit smell and taste is something that has yet to be invented. As so, it is difficult to justify learning how to appreciate wine via simply reading up about and looking at pictures on the Internet. For instance, instead of reading about tasting techniques, why not try them out with professional guidance at one of Taberna’s wine appreciation courses for beginners. With a well curated set of wine tasting experiences, these beginners courses held right here in their hidden enclave in Singapore will give you a kick start to your journey to becoming someone who truly knows exactly what they are looking for in the aisle of black glass bottles in NTUC.

There aren’t even any vineyards in Singapore. How do these courses teach wine appreciation without it?
Contrary to popular belief, vast natural scenery is not quintessential in the appreciation of wine. In fact, it is all in the glass itself. Without your own well-honed wine appreciation skills at hand, you wouldn’t be able to tell a good wine from a bad one even if you were standing amidst the most beautiful vineyard in the world. So why not start whilst you are still in Singapore? The best part is you can gain all the knowledge about wine you ever needed, all while enjoying everyone’s favorite thing about wine, sipping it. The experts over at Taberna believe in learning that starts from the glass in your hand. Through guided tastings during the various courses, get ready to indulge in a realm of wine appreciation as you gradually pickup theoretical knowledge and interesting tidbits of how wine is made. From grape variety to maturation techniques, your appreciation for wine will extend far beyond its superficial taste. Also, this gives you something new to subtly humble-brag about when you next bring a bottle of red to dine with the in-laws’.

So how do I choose which Wine Appreciation Course in Singapore is for me?
Regardless of whether you are one who currently sees wine as simply ‘Red’ and ‘White’, or one who shudders when you hear the next table asking about the difference between a Pinot Noir and a Cabernet Sauvignon, it is safe to say that you will find something at Taberna that suits your needs. If anything, the extent of the wine reference library at Taberna is already reason enough to drop them a visit! Truly a hidden gem in Singapore.

List of Wine Appreciation Courses in Singapore