Introductory Wine Appreciation Class

//Introductory Wine Appreciation Class

Introductory Wine Appreciation Class

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Introductory Wine Appreciation Class

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Introduction To Italian Wines Class. Highly Recommended For Beginners. Are you looking for wine introductory classes, focusing on a particular wine class and region. Usually conducted in blind tasting format, these classes aim to expand your senses first to really get you to appreciate the notes within each glass.

Introductory Wine Appreciation Class by Taberna Wine Academy

Welcome to Wine Appreciation Singapore by Taberna Wine Academy! Taberna Wine Academy started life in November 2010 at Binjai Park offering wine tutorials, tastings as well as an extensive selection of wines at the bar.  It was the brainchild of its owner Tan Ying Hsien MW (aka Raptornose), who wanted a space where he could share wines and wine knowledge with other wine enthusiasts.  In the years since it opened, Taberna has been privileged to host a number of top wine producers including Benjamin Leroux, Laurent Ponsot, Nicolas Potel, Bruno Paillard, Olivier Humbrecht MW, Michele Jermann and Serge Hochar.

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Wine Appreciation Class Singapore by Taberna Wine Academy
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