Wine appreciation for beginners

//Wine appreciation for beginners

Wine appreciation for beginners

Wine appreciation for beginners – for the “I love Wine” beginner!!

Welcome to the world of Wine appreciation for Beginners!!

Whether paired with cheeses, used in the cooking of pasta sauces or simply enjoyed on its own, wine is one of the most understated of adulthood’s luxuries. However, how much do we actually know about appreciating the product of this great fruit of the vine? For many, wine appreciation may seem like something reserved specially for the rich and famous, something only pretentious businessmen indulge in in hopes of fooling others into thinking they are ‘high-class’.

However, the truth is wine appreciation is in fact an art that when honestly learnt, even for beginners like the most of us, can open a new world of sensory experience. Rather than reading up extensive articles online about the lengthy and vast geographical and history, arguably the best way for beginners to learn about wine appreciation is from understanding what is in our glass.

Its an art and a science, the art of appreciating wine!

Wine appreciation for Beginners – Where do we start?

“There are so many types of wine, where do I begin?”
To start, in order to appreciate wine, first one will definitely need to learn to tell them apart. To the amateur, wine may appear to only fall into two main categories: Red and White. However, as expected, within each of these families lie an endless number of different kinds of wine waiting for you to explore.

Whilst individuals often know what tickles their own fancy, being able to pinpoint what exactly to look out for is another ballgame altogether. Rather than playing the label roulette every time you head out to get a bottle of red, why not pop by somewhere with an extensive wine library. Especially so if you are a beginner to the art of wine appreciation, it will be extremely helpful for you to have an expert guiding your wine journey, showing you the tricks of the trade when it comes to tasting wine and telling wine apart. With a myriad of factors such as geographical origin and grape species influencing the eventual glass, having a lineup of different wines to try all at once, making it all that much easier to distinguish one from the other.

“I’m a beginner with no prior experience, where can I start learning about wine appreciation from scratch?”
If your goal is not to move to Italy, start making and selling your own wine, then perhaps you may want to look out for some simpler courses for beginners catered to honing practical skills. For instance, Taberna homes basic wine appreciation courses which focus on the bare basics.

By starting from a core understanding of basic tasting techniques and the principal styles of wine, these courses catered for those with completely no professional expertise in this field. With their bottoms up approach to wine appreciation, these classes make it easy for beginners to slowly but surely gain theoretical knowledge about wine, all with ease and a glass in hand.

Wine appreciation for Beginners – Join Us!

Any last words of advise to beginners of wine appreciation?
Do not be intimidated by the vast amount of information on the topic, and do not let this sway you from craving to learn more about something you probably already know and love anyway. At the end of the day, we all, beginners and experts alike, have to agree that there is no better way to learn than with a glass of red swirling in your hand. Come join us for our next wine appreciation course and join the wine appreciation for beginners club at Taberna!

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